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Related article: Date: Fri, 14 Oct 2005 03:54:55 +0100
From: Ted Gay
Subject: Fantasy Island(This story, unfortunately, is fiction. But I wish there were places like
this in London. We are slowly getting there, but nothing quite like this
at the moment.)A new club had just opened, and I'd heard and read so many good reports
about it I decided to pay a visit. It was the gay sex club to top all
similar clubs.The club was vast, in a converted warehouse. young lolitas modeling panties
It had three floors above
ground level plus a basement. As you went in there was a map of the club
on the wall, and you were handed a leaflet with a map and a description
of the various areas and facilities the club had to offer.First of all I sat down in the lobby, before paying my entrance fee, and
read my options. For an all-in price I could visit all the areas. The
ticket would be valid for 24 hours, and I could come and go as I pleased.
The areas listed included Police Station, Army Barracks, Prison Dungeon,
High School, In The Navy, Hard Hats/Hard Cocks, Strippers/Sex Shows,
Cinema, Dirty Dancing Disco, Sauna, Glory Hole Cubicles, pre naked lolita teen The Public
Toilet, Watersports/Golden Showers area, Slaves' Dungeon, Office Sex,
Skinhead Alley, Suck Off Room, Rape Room, Gang Bang Room, etc., etc.
Practically every gay fantasy was catered for, and if you weren't
satisfied after all that, there was even a special area where strippers
and rent boys plied their trade called the Lust Boxes area. More about
that later.I decided on the all-in 24 hour ticket, and found out that if I paid
extra I could hire special clothes and equipment, such as an army or
school uniform, whips, handcuffs, sex toys, rubber suit, leathers, etc.First I wandered into the Army Barracks area, and it really was like
walking into a military barracks. Guys dressed as soldiers, some in full
uniform, were having sex on bunk beds, whilst others were being abused by
soldiers in an area called the Glasshouse (the military jail, known as
The Brig in the States). Soon after I walked in two soldiers in uniform
came up to me and escorted me out of the barrack room into a toilet . One
of them shouted at me:`No civvies in our barracks, unless you're under arrest. And you ARE
under arrest, son, for entering military property unauthorized!'The other soldier grabbed hold of my arms from behind and held them
behind my back, shouting in my ear: `You came in here because you want
to be gang-raped by big butch soldiers, didn't you? You little faggot.'If these were guys just pretending to be soldiers, they were very good
actors. But the exciting thing was you just didn't know. They looked and
sounded like real soldiers, and for all I knew they could well be. For
the next 30 underage lolita top kdz
minutes or so I had the time of my life as the two soldiers
repeatedly raped me anally and orally, and forced me to suck off other
soldiers who came in to use the toilet. After 6 of them little lolitas boys girls had cum inside me
or all over me, they forced me to sit down in a cubicle and four soldiers
pissed all over me, and in my mouth.After this I still hadn't cum, and was now gagging for more. I hired a
schoolboy uniform, as my ordinary clothes were now rather damp, but they
even had a wash and dry service, so my clothes would be cleaned and ready
to wear when I went home. I wandered off into the High School section,
and found myself in an all-male classroom, with guys sitting at school
desks dressed in similar uniforms to mine, and a tall, blond male
teacher waving his cane at me.`Sit down, Jones, you're late for class. Do you want me to cane you
again?' he barked as I came thru the door. I wasn't sure what my answer
should be to this, so I just sat down near the back of a class in an
empty seat. A young dark haired guy next to me smiled and looked down at
his crotch, and I saw he was wanking himself off beneath his desk. He
then reached out and groped me, and 5 minutes later we were wanking each
other under the desks. I looked over to my left and saw the guy at that
desk a few feet away had another guy under the desk sucking him off.
School was never like this in my day, I must have gone to the wrong one!Meanwhile the teacher was drawing a huge penis on the blackboard and
explaining that for sexual intercourse it had to be erect and then
inserted into an orifice of the other person. He described it in such
clinical terms, it was actually quite a turn on.`The penis can be inserted into the oral cavity or the anus of a man',
he was saying. `If inserted into the mouth you should savor the
consistency and flavor of the ejaculation before swallowing the sperm.
Jones, are you paying attention?' he looked at me, but the guy next to
me carried on jerking me off under the desk.`Jones, have you ever had anyone ejaculate in your mouth?' asked the
teacher.`Yes sir!' I replied truthfully, not saying it was just 15 minutes ago,
and more than one person.`Well you're over 16, so that is to be expected. You are at your peak
of sexual attractiveness and sexual desire. Since you are so experienced,
Jones, stop jerking off Baker there under the desk and come to the front
of the class. You can demonstrate to everyone how to do a blow-job,'
said the teacher, unzipping his flies and taking out his long, smooth,
circumcized cock.I walked to the front of the class, my cock still sticking out of my gray
flannel trousers, and the teacher ordered me to sit down on a chair in
front pre teen lolitas desnudas of him. Standing sideways to the class, so they could see
everything, he then told me to open my mouth wide and suck him off. As he
fucked my mouth he described to the class what was happening:`Now you see I've inserted my erect penis into Jones' mouth, and when
I push it in it goes right down his throat. Jones, being an expert
cock-sucker, knows how to relax and take my huge penis without gagging or
choking -- something you must all practice. Jones, be careful of your
teeth -- if you bite my cock or scratch it I'll have to cane you. Just
suck slowly, there's a good boy.'I could see from the corner of my eye all the class were now wanking or
even sucking each other off. Sex lessons were never like this in my
school, all we learnt about was how bees pollinated flowers and birds
hatched eggs, very boring!Suddenly the teacher's cock grew rigid in my mouth and started to throb.
He said to the class: `I'm about to ejaculate into Jones's mouth; he
is bringing me off. Suck my hot spunk out, Jones, that's right, suck out
all my thick, hot, blond sperm! You know you want to drink it! Drink
teacher's spunk, that's right!'With that the teacher started shooting loads of hot, thick, sweet cum in
my mouth, so much that it overflowed over my lips, down my chin and
dripped on to my blue school blazer.`Don't worry about that, all sexy schoolboys have plenty of spunk on
their uniforms,' said the teacher, `Now Jones, underage lolita top kdz tell the class how you
enjoyed the taste of my orgasm'.I was embarrassed by this filthy talk, but told the class that the
teacher's orgasm tasted delicious.`Now in a moment it will be the morning break,' said the teacher, `And
the milk monitors will be in the corridors outside to give you all your
school milk -- straight from their cocks! There are benches -- just sit
on them and a milk monitor will come up and feed you his cream. We make
sure all boys in this school are well fed!'We all trooped out of the class, lolitas tiny child cunt and indeed there was a corridor with
benches all along one wall. We sat down in a line, and soon the milk
monitors in their school uniforms came along and stood in front of us. My
milk monitor was a tall red head, and he silently unzipped his fly and
took out his big stiff cock covered in freckles. `I'm going to feed you
your milk, open you mouth,' he barked, and as he stuck his funky
smelling cock down my throat I tasted his sweet pre-cum and found myself
staring at a bush of bright red pubic hair. In a few seconds he shot his
thick, sweet load right down my throat and as he pulled out he filled my
mouth with more of his delicious milk.`More milk tomorrow morning,' he said as he zipped up and walked away.By now I was desperate to cum myself, but still hadn't managed it. It
was all very well satisfying other guys, but when was I going to get
brought off?I found myself wandering into the Lust Boxes section by mistake. This
consisted of little cubicles with windows in them. In each cubicle was a
very handsome rent boy or stripper, and they did everything to seduce me
inside. According to the leaflet I'd read in the foyer, you could go
into as many of these Lust Boxes as you liked and have a session with as
many of the rent boys and strippers/lap dancers as you liked, all free of
charge so long as you didn't cum. But if you came you had to pay. I
decided I might as well have a bit of fun, I wouldn't cum yet, I'd do
that in the next area I planned to visit -- Office Sex, because I liked
men in suits and ties.A hunky guy with cropped hair and a thin gold chain around his neck was
pouting at me from one of the lust boxes, and he reeked of some expensive
fragrance for men which was very seductive. I couldn't resist, I opened
the door and got into the cubicle with him. The warmth of his naked body
and the smell of his fragrance overwhelmed me. As soon as I entered he
grabbed hold of my cock, which was already rock hard, and started rubbing
baby oil into it. At the same time he kissed me, with his tongue deep
inside my pre teen lolitas desnudas
mouth.I was already on the verge of cumming, but I tried to stop myself. He
withdrew his tongue from my mouth and said: `Don't resist, it's
useless -- I've preteen lolita model sites got complete control, I'm gonna make you cum. Give in,
you love my fragrance don't you? It's called `Surrender'. No-one can
resist it. Go on, lick my sexy neck, lick all around my lust chain,
it'll make you cum!'I'd never heard a gold neck chain called that before, but it seemed
appropriate -- the glint of gold against his tanned, smooth skin was so
seductive it filled me with pure lust, and as my tongue came into contact
with the fragrant, tasty, warm flesh of his smooth neck I knew he had me.
I was starting to cum!`That's right, cum for Jason. Just relax and shoot, enjoy my sexy body.
You're cummin,cummin, cummin. That's right, shoot your load for Jason! You enjoyed
that, didn't you?'I had to admit it was the best hand-job I'd had in years, and I not only
paid him but gave him a tip it was so good.I then went to the cafe and had a coffee, then left to do some shopping.
But I would be back within a few hours to take advantage of my 24 hour
ticket and to explore some of the other areas of this fantastic club
where all fantasies were fulfilled. There was something for everyone
here, no matter what you were into, what you looked like, or how old you
were.(to be continued)
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